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Looking for Tax Lawyers? 5 Tips to Consider for Business Owners

Need professional assistance with your taxation concerns? Making the right choice means securing your business’s financial well-being. No matter your business size, field or location, the easiest way to find the right specialist or a dedicated team is to have clear research criteria – from recognised competence to experience in the digital economy and resolving tax disputes. Read on and learn 5 tips any business should consider when looking for tax lawyers.

1. Look for a Specialised Team with International Experience

Whether you’re looking for an in-house specialist or a corporate lawyers’ team, it’s essential to seek specialists dedicated to tax matters. Tax law is a complex field, so you want people who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in handling specifically tax-related issues.

Do you operate or plan to expand internationally? Then, you should check if your potential partners have proven experience in navigating the complexities of international tax laws – from cross-border transactions to double taxation agreements or resolving disputes between parties relying on different law systems. Specialists’ location isn’t that important as long as innovative and efficient communication methods are supported.

So, if you have an international business, depending on the countries your business is linked to, look for specialists with exceptional knowledge and understanding of relevant local and international tax laws. For instance, a tax lawyer in Lithuania with international experience can be of great help with both local and international legal issues.

2. Seek Recognised Competence

Knowledge and experience are fundamental; therefore, it’s essential to double-check provided information and look for facts of proven expertise in addressing specific tax law field issues relevant to your business. Prioritise specialists or law firms with recognised competence. Ask questions, and look for certifications, awards, or memberships in professional organisations that demonstrate their expertise and commitment to excellence in tax law. Also, some recognised companies share their experience solving specific cases.

3. Prioritise Specialists with Exceptional Knowledge of Different Tax Law Aspects

As we’ve mentioned, tax law is a complex field that covers many taxation aspects, such as corporate tax, international tax, tax planning and resolving disputes. Let alone the fact that global companies must take a broader view and navigate different countries’ legal systems too. Exceptional knowledge and experience in multiple tax law fields enable specialists to navigate various tax regulations’ complexities and provide comprehensive advice. Very important – tailored to your specific business needs.

4. Look for Experience in Digital Economy Taxation

One more thing – those with anything to do with e-commerce should assess specialists’ expertise in the digital economy field. You want your advisors to possess up-to-date knowledge of digital economy taxation, which is becoming increasingly complex with the rise of digital businesses globally. Make sure a tax lawyer or a team you choose to work with is familiar with regulations related to e-commerce, online transactions, and digital services. This way, experts can help you navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and offer valuable insights that might impact business growth too.

5. Assess Candidates’ Experience Solving Tax Disputes

When selecting a tax lawyer or a law firm with a dedicated tax lawyers’ team, inquire about their experience in resolving tax disputes. There should be a track record of successful handling of tax controversies and an offering of valuable insights and strategies to help businesses navigate conflicts efficiently. Specialists should know how to think strategically and sometimes out of the box to minimise potential penalties and achieve a favourable outcome.

Want to always be up to date, remain compliant, minimise tax liabilities, and maximise business growth opportunities? Then, look for lawyers who can navigate complex tax questions and think strategically and creatively. Seek someone with a broad view – understanding of different tax law and other corporate law fields’ subtleties in local and international contexts.

Harlem Vance
the authorHarlem Vance